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Proximity Sensor Test

Proximity Sensor Test V1.x

Reject from App Store

Below "Application Submission Feedback" is come from the iPhone Developer Program

Hello Bob,

Thank you for submitting Proximity Sensor Test to the App Store. We've reviewed Proximity Sensor Test and determined that we cannot post this version of your iPhone application to the App Store because it provides to the user potentially inaccurate diagnostic functionality for iPhone OS devices.  There is currently no publicly available infrastructure to support diagnostic analysis.  This may result in your app reporting potentially inaccurate information which could lead to user confusion.


Although "Proximity Sensor Test" can't be passed from the "Apple Review", but you can use a few APPs ( include Proximity Sensor ) to finish these testes. Just follow below map to test your iPhone.

1. Test HW : Move your hand between iPhone with 0.5 inch.
2. Test SW : Move your hand between 0.5" with 1 inch over iPhone.
3. Test 3" :  Move your hand with 3 inch over iPhone.

Each test time is 10 seconds and move your hand by 10 times to close the brightness of screen.
If this test is useful to you, please share it to your friends.

Test item explain:

1. Test HW : Test your device proximity sensor to confirm the hardware issue for your device.
2. Test SW : Test your device proximity sensor to confirm the software issue for your device.
3. Test 3" :  Test your device proximity sensor to confirm the hypersensitive issue in your device.

If you have not without some doubt about your iPhne's proximity sensor.
Now, you can try your proximity sensor in your iPhone and no need again to call out for test it.

< Proximity Sensor Test > can provide a few sample ways to try your iPhone for these Proximity Sensor issues, just follow to do.

Device supports: iPhone 3G / 3GS / 4 and later.
OS supports: iOS4 and later.

Language supports:

- English


- Proximity Sensor Test.
- Provide 3 test mode. 
- Recorded the last test data.

======== Test result explain ===========

Test notice: 
1. Please follow the sound of APP to move and sway your hand above your iPhone. (Please follow this tempo of sound to get an accurate measurement.)
2. Blacking iPhone screen maybe not happen when you are swing your hand too fast, but don't worry, this action of blacking screen need more time to decide by iOS4.

If you have not any Apps to run, you can open your "Voicemail" to enable your proximity sensor and countdown by you-self, but take care your Telecom Carriers for a extra charge fee by possible.

Maybe, you can use these "Power Saving" with "Exam Timer" functions to execute this countdown in "Alarm Tempo Benefit".
"Proximity Sensor" has been doing for "Power Saving" since you are launched the App.   

Test HW:
If the counter number of app be showed below 5, maybe your hardware of Proximity Sensor have some issues.
Please check again, running "Test HW" and try to black iPhone screen (by cover proximity sensor). if your iPhone have not any response in the screen and counter number, please contact your supply stores to double confirm it.

Test SW:
If the counter number of app be showed below 8, maybe your software parameter of Proximity Sensor had confused.
If you can't wait this iOS new version for Apple to release, you can try below ways:

1. Reboot your iPhone.
2. Reset your iPhone data. (remember to backup before this action of reset)
3. Reinstall your iOS4.x. (remember to backup before this action of reset)

*[Reboot] >> hold the power and home buttons until you see the display go dark and Apple's logo appears.

Test 3":
This Test must to move and sway your hand on the height of 3 inches above your iPhone.
If the counter number of app be showed more than 3, this state imply your proximity sensor is too sensitive.
Over sensitive of proximity sensor maybe produce a few puzzles then used iPhone.

If you feel our Know-how could help you, you can pay a few of sponsor to supply us.
Hope we can provide more knows-how to you in the future.

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