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Lithium-ion battery issues and confusion

Lithium-ion battery issues & confusion

Apple's battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 300 ~ 400 full charge and discharge cycles.
Be careful that you don't generate excess heat to recharge for your device.

❖ Provide below link to you, You can confirm your knows and extend your battery life for iPad or iPod touch, iPhone.

How to take care 
Li-ion Battery recharge
Take Me Phone for iOS

Just to care a few tips,

 You can save your money and protect our earth resources.

 ❖ How to use the alert function of recharge battery:
 You don't set anything for it, this function is always running in background.
✏ The alert message would show for you when the battery level was lower then 25% or was finished for full charge.
 This function be designed to extend your battery life and keep the running time for your device.

Improved a longer battery lifespan and battery life for your iPhone

How much money to save with you?
    If you hadn't any the alert of battery to recharge, you may have a 30% chance to over charging in each weeks. In the worst case, you will be one year after the early replacement of the battery to meet your daily life use. A battery alert can reduce this issues to 10%, you can save you money to equal as under the calculation.
$100 x ( 0.3 - 0.1) = $20 / years.

 - If the alert of full charge was showed, please move your device from dock. This action can avoid unnecessary heat to hurt your battery.

延長你的 iPhone 電池使用期限及續航力



以曾開發 德儀 (TI) 鋰電池管理韌體的經驗來說 

(全球有超過70%的鋰電池充電晶片都是由 TI 供應,Apple 系列產品也是使用者之一。


NT$3350 x ( 0.3 - 0.1) = NT$670 / 每年.

A. 電池不要耗電過頭,低於 25% 時,最好就要充電,並儘量一次充到飽!
B. 電池工作溫度不要太高或太低 15度C ~ 40度C 間。(阿婆設為35度C)
C. 電池充飽電後,最好就不要再插在電源上,以免電極過度耗損或電池電解質過熱產生質變!

Take Me, Phone for iOS4 所附加的充電小功能 :
A. 低於 25% 時會發聲來提示充電!
B. 電池充飽電後,也會發聲來提示,以拔除電源。