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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Alpha Ruler V1.0 Release Now (iPad Only)

Alpha Ruler V1.0 Release Now
( iPad Only)

The best Christmas gift to your child.

☃ 给你的孩子最好的圣诞节礼物。

Le meilleur cadeau de Noël pour votre enfant.

Die besten Weihnachts-Geschenk für Ihr Kind.

☃ あなたの子供に最高のクリスマス贈り物。


☃ 자녀에게 최고의 크리스마스 선물.

лучшие рождественские подарки для детей.

El mejor regalo de Navidad para su hijo.

☃ O melhor presente de Natal para a criança




☕ Move your fingers, easy your gauge! (measurement) 
✐ For your small pets doing its growth diary.

☕ Mueva los dedos, fácil su calibre! (medición)
✐ Ayudar a los pequeños animales domésticos en casa para hacer su registro de crecimiento diario.

☕ 蘭指撥挪,輕鬆量測。
☕ 指を移動する、測定するの簡単!
☕ 를 움직여당신의 손가락, 쉽게당신 측정!

☕ 兰指拨挪,轻松量测。

✐ 為家中的小寵物做做成長日記。
✐ For your small pets doing its growth diary.
✐ 家庭小型のペットの成長日記行う
✐ Für Ihre kleinen Haustiere tut ihr Wachstum Tagebuch.
✐ Pour vos petits animaux de compagnie faisant son l'agenda de la croissance.
✐ 도움말 가정을위한 작은 애완 동물 개발 일기 만들기  

Alpha Ruler 是設計為小東西甚至是小寵物量測大小的透明尺。
- 透明尺之單位有英制與公制,英制可用幾分之幾表示 (7/32, 3/16, ...)
- 待測物(可以是活體),無須固定,量測時,用兩指來直接移動並逼近。(寬、高 皆可)
- 最近一次之測量結果可編輯剪貼!
- iPad 旋轉後,透明尺即可歸零!

小小寵物:鍬形蟲、獨腳仙、蠶寶寶、蝌蚪 等等!
小東西:螺帽、螺釘、緞帶、戒指、假睫毛 等等!

Alpha Ruler is designed to measure for your small things and the size of a small pet by these transparent rulers.

- These rulers have on the imperial and metric units, inch could available to express by a complex fraction (7 / 32, 3 / 16, 3  7 / 8...)
- DUT (your pet which may be living), unnecessary fixed it, When the measurement action, use two fingers to move and direct approach. (width, height also can do it)
- Most recently the measurement results can edit the clip!
- Rotation your iPad can reset these rulers!

Small pets can be used as the growth record of the tool, if your family has these growth children and pets, is on the best election for Christmas!
Small pets: stag beetles, butterfly, silkworms, tadpole, and more!
Small things: nut, bolt, ribbon, ring, false eyelashes, and more!