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Monday, November 1, 2010

How to use Trace function in Take Me, Phone for iOS4


  How to use Trace function : ( It was availabled from the version 2.0 of Take Me, Phone for iOS4. )
      At first, you need to login your Gmail account to use
 the location trace of Google Buzz in your Gmail.  

  Please selected the check box of "remember it" in the Buzz login page, 
 this trace function need to auto login your account for refreah your location data. 

     You can refer this video link as below.
 Watch Video

 You can trace your device by your Gmail from everywhere, or share 
 your location or photo, feeling with your friends.

 If you don't like this trace function, please close your GPS in your device. 
 or config your Google Buzz setting.


 Take Me, Phone for iOS4 V2.1 Coming Soon. 
 Waiting for review in iTunes.

========= V2.1 =========
Fixed a few issues
- Fixed passcode bug then unlock.
- Fixed background mode issues.
- Reduced the alert message for the memory issues.
- Enhanced the trace function. 

Add function
- Battery state alert. ( Low level / Full charge )
========= V2.1 =========