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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Take Me, Phone for iOS will stop to sale in App Store!!

Come from iTunes review message : 

☸ Because these background running was cancelled from iOS5.1.1 to iOS6.x, App Store will stop sale these Apps recently.
Open this App ( Take Me, Phone for iOS ) to free download with one week (to Sep. 5) by now.

☸ 由于 iOS5.1.1 to iOS6.x已不再支援背景执行, App Store 近期内将停止贩售这类的 Apps 。
从现在起,Take Me, Phone for iOS 开放免费下载这 App (到 九月五日)。

來自  iTunes 內部消息:

☸ 由於 iOS5.1.1 to iOS6.x已不再支援背景執行, App Store 近期內將停止販售這類的 Apps 。

如果你打算繼續用舊版的iOS,從現在起,趕緊購買下載,有背景執行功能的這類 Apps ,iTunes Review 正在清理這類 App,即將要全面下架。


PS. 越獄 (JailBreak) 除外!

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