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Friday, December 3, 2010

Take Me, Phone for iOS4 V2.2 Release now

Take Me, Phone for iOS4 V2.2 Release now!

Bug fixed:
- Calendar view display issue then shake device too fast.
- Calendar refresh issue for iPhone 3G running in iOS4.0 ~ iOS4.1

- GPS power save then high speed moving.

Add feature:
- Add ding with the time report for these special times on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, New Year's Eve of Chinese.
- Turn off / on  the flashlight by shake your device then the flashlight function to open and along Y axis to shake.

⚠ New Year's Eve of Chinese only support a few of locations. (Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Macao, Indonesia, Singapore, BRUNEI, Viet Nam)

    If you have plan a trip with your friends, you can use our function (Auto tracing to Google Buzz) to save your time and reduce somebody miss at your venue of contract. 
    But please add your partners of trip to trace in the Google Buzz and everyone partners also need to do such for best
    Your trip will get more and more those fine memories for you and your partners.

    如果您計畫一個多人旅遊行程,您可利用本APP提供之自動追蹤功能 (Auto tracing to Google Buzz) 來節省時間及減少友人錯失集結點的發生。
    但請記得將您參與行程之友人都加入Google Buzz 的追蹤清單中 (包括您自己),最好您的夥伴們也都如此做,就可以減少行程的耽誤與不快!

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