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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Find My Phone + Take Me, Phone for iOS4 = Multi-Guards your Device.

Good news: Find My Phone is free in iOS 4.2.1

Find My Phone is a very good APP for iPhone 4, but it just only to provide a chance to remedy your device. 
When you lost and you search your device, you have the golden 30 minutes.
This time, hope you have another iPhone or iPod touch, iPad in your hand to use this MobileMe service (Find My iPhone), but Take Me, Phone for iOS4 can expand to anyone browse for you( Can view the map of Google buzz).

Take Me, Phone for iOS4 is always to try via any way for guard your device!
Remind and protect, trace your device at any time & anywhere.

Find My Phone from OS4.2.1  + Take Me, Phone for iOS4 > 99% Multi-Guards

Why is not 100% by "Find My Phone + Take Me, Phone for iOS4 > 99% Multi-Guards" ?

~ 1% issues:

A: Forgot to turn on <Take Me, Phone for iOS4> or <Find My Phone>
B: lost it more than these 30 minutes of golden time, SIM card has been removed, and was cracked jailbreak (JB).
C: Found late, beloved iPhone has gone around the world !

Take Me, Phone for iOS4 與 Find My Phone 

Take Me, Phone for iOS4 提供下列四大功能來預防您遺失手機:

Find My Phone 提供:

關於 Find My Phone 的疑難問題可參考下列官方網址 (中文)

有下列三種可能情況,以致無法達到 100% :
A:忘了開啓 Take Me, Phone for iOS4 或 Find My Phone
B:過了黃金30分鐘,SIM卡已被拔除,並被[B]越獄 JB[/B]破解。

 切記,預防勝於治療,Take Me, Phone for iOS4 如果有下載了,自V2.3 起,背景報時功能讓你時時刻刻都能確認有開啓!

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